Best Restaurants in Virginia-Highland, ATL

Best Restaurants in Virginia-Highland, ATL

Nestled in the heart of Atlanta, the Virginia-Highland neighborhood is not only known for its charming bungalows and vibrant community but also for its eclectic dining scene. This guide to the best restaurants in Virginia-Highland, ATL will provide potential residents and food enthusiasts alike with a glimpse into the culinary delights that make this area a sought-after locale in the context of Virginia Highlands real estate.

Introduction to Virginia-Highland’s Dining Landscape

Virginia-Highland, often affectionately referred to as "VaHi," offers a blend of historic charm and modern sophistication, qualities that are reflected in its diverse gastronomic offerings. From gourmet farm-to-table eateries to traditional Southern comfort food spots, the restaurants in Virginia-Highland, ATL promise an array of flavors that cater to all palates.

Top Culinary Destinations in Virginia-Highland


A staple of the Virginia-Highland community for over three decades, Murphy's is renowned for its combination of a cozy wine shop and a contemporary American restaurant. With a focus on local and seasonal ingredients, Murphy's menu features standout dishes such as the Georgia trout, complemented by an expertly curated wine selection. The restaurant's ambience, characterized by warm woods and soft lighting, makes it a perfect spot for a relaxed dinner or a celebratory brunch.

La Tavola Trattoria

For a taste of Italy in the heart of Atlanta, La Tavola Trattoria offers an authentic Italian dining experience with a focus on simple, high-quality ingredients. The restaurant is beloved for its traditional pasta dishes, rustic setting, and lively atmosphere. Regulars recommend the squid ink linguine and the classic tiramisu for dessert, both of which are staples that draw diners from all over the city.

Highland Tap

A Virginia-Highland institution, Highland Tap offers a steakhouse experience with a neighborhood bar vibe. Known for its martinis and an extensive selection of meats, the restaurant's subterranean setting provides a unique, intimate dining environment. The dry-aged steaks and hand-cut fries are perennial favorites, making Highland Tap a must-visit for meat lovers.

Atkins Park Restaurant & Bar

As Atlanta’s oldest continuously licensed tavern, Atkins Park enjoys a rich history along with its reputation for delicious comfort food. It strikes a perfect balance between being a cozy neighborhood pub and a sophisticated Southern eatery. The menu features classics like shrimp and grits and the famous Atkins Park burger. Whether you're looking for a casual night out or a hearty Sunday brunch, Atkins Park delivers with charm and consistency.

Paolo's Gelato Italiano

For a sweet escape into the flavors of Italy, Paolo's Gelato Italiano offers a delightful array of authentic Italian gelatos and sorbets. This quaint gelateria, nestled in the heart of Virginia-Highland, is famed for its vibrant selection of gelato flavors ranging from classic vanilla and rich chocolate to exotic fruits and unique creations. Each batch is crafted with meticulous care, using traditional techniques and fine ingredients. Paolo's also serves an assortment of Italian pastries and espresso drinks, making it a perfect spot for an afternoon treat or a light dessert after a meal in the neighborhood.

Exploring Virginia-Highland’s Food Scene

Beyond the well-established restaurants, Virginia-Highland is home to a variety of smaller cafes, bistros, and bars, each contributing to the neighborhood’s reputation as a dining hotspot. These establishments are not only places to eat but also social hubs where locals gather to enjoy good food and company in a relaxed setting.

Why Dine in Virginia-Highland?

Choosing to dine in Virginia-Highland offers more than just a meal—it's an experience that complements the lifestyle envisioned by those interested in Virginia Highlands real estate. The neighborhood's walkable streets and proximity to both downtown Atlanta and other scenic areas like the BeltLine make it a prime location for those who appreciate both urban convenience and suburban comfort.

Invest in Virginia-Highlands Real Estate

With its appealing blend of culinary excellence and residential charm, investing in Virginia Highlands real estate offers a lifestyle that is rich in both culture and comfort. Restaurants in Virginia-Highland, ATL significantly enhance the quality of life here, making it an ideal location for those looking to settle in a lively, engaging community.

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